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R & D

TRINITY places a great deal of emphasis on Research and Development. The engineering and product development teams are constantly refining existing products and preparing new ones to bring to market. Engineers and technicians working in our R & D facilities have access to state-of-the-art equipment including 3-Phase Load Source (Energy Meter Test Bench), Class 0.05 accuracy Portable Reference Standards and latest firmware development tools.

To create innovative products, a company has innovative personnel. Using our engineering excellence and our extensive working knowledge of energy issues, TRINITY delivers client-focused, innovative real-time energy management technologies. We have the technical knowledge and project management capabilities to create, plan and implement feasible energy efficiency solutions for domestic and industrial applications.

TRINITY Hardware and Software engineers ensure that our products are designed to the best possible specifications using the latest available platforms.

We have recently added an MTE source - Model PRS 400.3 with a basic accuracy of 0.02%. Trinity's latest Test Bench, is capable of calibrating revenue meters as per the relevant test points as specified in the IS13779 and IS14697, for meters of class 1.0s to class 0.2s.

With addition of this source, we now have the capability to calibrate and test meters for import/export in all four quadrants, meters with accuracy class 0.2 and also meters which operate at 60.00 Hz, instead of 50.00 Hz.