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Digital Panel Meters

Mains Frequency Meter | Digital Volts / Amps Meter | Digital Power Factor / KW Meter

High accuracy Guaranteed to Class 0.5 Easy readability...

Digital Energy Meters

Infinity | Entity

Class 1.0S accuracy as per IS13779 Class 0.5 accuracy also availabley...

Multifunction Meters

VAF | Empower | Tiny Pro | NF29

Multiparameter monitoring. Measures 16 Electrical values....

Load Manager / Maximum Demand Controller

Goblin | SLM102 | Powerpro

The digital power meter GOBLIN is a micro-controller based unit which....

Electrical System Manager


Odd Harmonics up to 15th of individual Voltage and Current waveforms including THD

Automatic Power Factor Correction Relays (Three Phase sensing)


The Accuvar family of VAR controllers consists of four products...

Automatic Power Factor Correction Relays (Single Phase sensing)

APFCR | Newton+ | Nanovar

TRINITY has a versatile range of POWER Factor Correction relays suitable for all applications. ....

Revenue Meters

E1000 | E3000 | E4000 | E5000

Whole current metering Accuracy class 1.0s. Available in 1P2W....

Portable Power Analyzers


Oracle is a three phase power analyzer and recorder capable of carrying out a complete analysis of voltages, currents and related...

E-MON (Energy Monitoring Software)


Daily, monthly, yearly Energy reports & extensive report generation in both graphical & tabular (Excel sheet format)

Automatic Mains Failure Relay


The AMF relay is a micro-controller based unit which automates generator start and stop actions during mains failure by controlling both mains and generator contactors.



Motor Protection Device


It is Established fact that Thermal BI-METAL Relays cannot detect over loaded conditions much above 10%.