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Trinity has designed its Portable Power Analyzers, ORACLE to be the most versatile instrument available today. Oracle which is, Three Phase Power Analyzer and Recorder, is our next generation analyzer, including important new features requested by our customers. From substations, to commercial & industrial, to residential monitoring, Oracle has comprehensive measurement and power quality analysis capabilities. These high performance capabilities, combined with the latest in electronic technology, make it ideal for both utility and industrial applications.

  • A rugged full-featured instrument measuring all essential power quality data including Harmonics & Demands.
  • Measures voltage, current, imbalance, power, energy, events, THD, individual harmonics, and frequency.
  • Real-time, graphical display of harmonic content upto 29th.
  • Integrated analysis and data retrieval capabilities of 8 MB by USB port.


  • Micro-controller based
  • All parameters with default accuracy class 1.0S
  • Easy user interface through Touch Screen with graphical color TFT display of 320x240 pixels

Comprehensive and Measurements

  • Fast, real-time cycle by cycle measurement, at 80 samples/cycle
  • Run Time trending and Historical Trends on local display
  • Four quadrant readings (Power and Power Factor)
  • Min. /Max. Values for all various parameters
  • KVA and KW Demands (sliding and fixed) including predictive demand with fixed window
  • Odd Harmonics up to 29th of individual Voltage, and Current Waveforms including THD
  • Waveform capture-upto 20 waveforms can be captured in the non-volatile memory, and later downloaded.
  • Measurement of all three voltages - phase to phase and phase to neutral, all three currents, power factors - phase wise and system, Hz, all three powers (KW, KVA & KVAR), phase wise and system, all three energies, Phase angles, Demand and Maximum Demand in KW and KVA with programmable integration period, neutral current, THD for each voltage and current.

Installations & Connections

  • Single model accepts 3P4W and 3P3W connections
  • Selectable CT-Secondary to 2mA, 300 mA and 1000 mA
  • User selectable CT and PT Ratio


  • Data logging interval of 1 sec is possible by using a single 32 bit micro-controller.
  • Logs all Min. /Max. Values
  • Logs all electrical parameters, real-time and integrated (energies and demands) and harmonics to get complete Energy system snap-shot

Events Logging

  • Programmable four events to be logged for selectable parameters to High or Low
  • Date and Time for event loggings with Minimum and Maximum values


True RMS Basic Parameters Voltage (Volts L-N) Direct Voltage Input 0 to 300V AC
PT Ratio Freely Programmable up to 220KV
Range of Reading 0.0 to 220KV
Accuracy 0.5% of Reading
Voltage (Volts L-L) Direct Voltage Input 0 to 51 0V AC
PT Ratio Freely Programmable up to 220KV
Range of Reading 0.0 to 220KV
Accuracy 1.0% of Reading
Current (Amps Ir, Iy, Ib) Secondary Current Input 1A or 5A
CT Ratio Freely Programmable up to 9999A
Range of Reading 0.0 to 9999A
Accuracy 0.25% of Reading
Neutral Current Accuracy 3% of Reading
Line Frequency Range of Reading 45 to 55 Hz
Accuracy 0.3% of Reading
Power Active Power (P) Accuracy (Between 0.5 Lag to 0.8 Lead) 1.0% of Reading
Reactive Power (Q) Accuracy (Between 0.5 Lag to 0.8 Lead) 1.5% of Reading
Apparent Power (S) Accuracy 1.0% of Reading
Power Factor Accuracy 1% of Reading (IPFI>0.5)
Range of Reading 0.05 to 1.00 Lag/Lead
Energy Total Active Energy (KWh) Range of Reading 0 to 314780.00 MWh
Accuracy 1.0S as per IS13779
Total Reactive Energy (KVARh) Range of Reading 0 to 314780.00 MWh
Accuracy(Between 0.5 Lag to 0.8 Lead) 1.5% of Reading
Total Apparent Energy KVAh) Range of Reading 0 to 314780.00 MWh
Accuracy 1.0% of Reading
Demand Active Power (KW) Demand Sliding & Fixed Selectable
Apparent Power (KVA) Demand
Predictive Demand Fixed Window
Power Quality Harmonics for Voltages 3rd to 29th Odd Only
Harmonics for Currents 3rd to 29th Odd Only
THD for each Voltage