The digital power meter GOBLIN is a micro-controller based unit which not only measures a host of electrical parameters to display them on a 128 x 64 backlit LCD, but also acts as a comprehensive load managing device due to its four numbers of output relay contacts. These outputs are individually field programmable for both the parameter on which to generate alarm as well as the values on which to activate alarm and deactivate it. In addition to this flexibility in terms of load management, the meter also has two serial ports: USB port and RS485. RS485 supports MODBUS RTU protocol for connections to EMS/SCADA. Goblin has two USB ports-one where a cable connection to laptop/pc is made(Device mode) and another where the unit directly accepts a pendrive(Host mode).

The unit is meant for use in three phase four wire / three wire systems. The installation type, CT ratios and PT ratios are site selectable.

The Load Manager with its four relay contacts can be used as a Demand Controller. The method of Demand calculation is sliding window and fixed window.


  • Accuracy Class 0.5 (as per IS14697)
  • Displays more than 20 Parameters
  • Four Relay contacts, individually field programmable, for alarm parameter as well as on/off values
  • RS-485 MODBUS-RTU Connectivity
  • Large 128 x 64 graphical LC Display
  • USB Port for downloading data
  • Directly accepts pen-drive to transfer logged data(Host mode)
  • On board 2MB of non-volatile memory. On board data logging with field programmable log duration.
  • CT / PT ratios field programmable
  • Odd Harmonic Analysis up to 15th for all voltages and currents, including THD


Three Phases and Neutral of a3P4W system / Three Phases of a 3P3W system
Voltage Direct Voltage Input: Up to 500V L-L, Up to 300VL-NPT
Ratio: Site Selectable
Burden: 0.5VA
Current Secondary Current Input:5A or 1A (Site Selectable)CT
Ratio: Site Selectable
Range of Reading:5 - 5000A
Burden: < 1.0VA
Overload: 5A CT = 6A RMS Continuous
1ACT = 1.2A RMS Continuous
Power Supply Auxiliary Supply: 90 - 480VAC, 50-60 Hz.
Output Relay Four. Individually Field Programmable.
Switching Voltage: Max. 230 VAC
Switching Power: Max. 1000W
Expected Mechanical Life: >10 x 106 switching operations
Expected Electrical Life: >4 x 106 switching operations
@(Load = 200VA, Coscp = 0.5)
Measurment True RMSBasicParameters Voltage(Volts L-N & L-L) Vl-n Accuracy: 0.5% of Reading
Vl-l Accuracy : 1.0% of Reading
Current(Amps IR, IY, IB) Accuracy: 0.25% of Reading
Line Frequency 45 to 55 Hz, Accuracy: 0.3%of Reading
Power ActivePower (P) Accuracy: 0.5% of Reading(For IPFI>0.5)
ReactivePower (Q) Accuracy: 1.5% of Reading
(Between 0.5 Lag to 0.8 Lead)
ApparentPower (S) Accuracy: 0.5% of Reading
Power Factor For Individual phases andSystem.
Accuracy : 1.0% of Reading (IPFI>0.5)
Range of Reading: 0.05 to1.00 Lag/Lead
Energy Total ActiveEnergy (KWh) Range of Reading : 0 to99999999.9 KWh
Accuracy : Class 0.5 as per IS14697
Total ApparentEnergy (KVAh) Range of Reading : 0 to99999999.9 KVAh
Accuracy : Class 0.5 as per IS14697
Total ApparentEnergy (KVARh) Range of Reading : 0 to99999999.9 KVARh
Accuracy : Class 1.0
Power Quality 3rd to 15thHarmonics(Odd) for all Voltages with THD
3rd to 15thHarmonics(Odd) for all Currents with THD
Demand Active Power (KW) Demand -Sliding & Fixed, Selectable
Apparent Power (KVA) Demand -Sliding & Fixed, Selectable
Miscellaneous Dimensions Bezel 144 X 144 mm
Panel Cutout 138 X 138 mm
Depth of installation 55 mm
  Display 128 X 64 graphical Backlit LCD
  Operating temp 10°C to 50°C
  Weight 0.65 Kgs (Approx.)
Communication OperatingCurrent Range 0.4% to 120% of CT primary
Data LoggingBuffer 2MB, Non-volatile memory,Can hold 19691 records
Logging Duration Site selectable from 1 minute to 60 minutes
RS485 Modbus-RTU protocol
USB port and directly access pen-drive for downloading logged data