About Us

“Making Energy Matter”


We work on the emerging frontiers of electrical and digital technology to usher in intelligent transformation in Power Quality Management. We seek to emerge as leaders in this business by delivering products that deliver efficiency, reliability, and long-term serviceability.


We will achieve our business goals by being the provider of the best products, service and value proposition to our customers.

Change makers in intelligent Power Quality Management

With electrical controls becoming intelligent and the coming of IoT, there are unprecedented possibilities in enhancing power quality management to the benefit of power consumers. Trinity Energy is an early adopter of these emerging digital technologies and is known to be a change maker in this new era.

Twenty five years of looking towards the future

We have spent the last twenty-five years keeping ahead of the curve, and continue to do so even today. We have adhered to the Make in India principle since our inception and long before it became a national mission. Our R&D, manufacturing, quality control, and operations leverage the best of innovative technology to the benefit of our users. Our 500,000 + installations across Indian and world markets are testimony to this. Our range include products that find use in metering, instrumentation, power factor correction as well as customized solutions for areas like EMS, Audits, RTPFC etc.

Nurturing relationships with a service orientation

We sustain our long-standing relationships with Panel Builders, OEM’s, End users, Consultants, Contractors, Electricians with our widespread and technically empowered Super stockist network as well as our Pan India sales/service team. Our focus is not solely selling our products but in ensuring that our customers derive long term benefits from its installation.

About Trinity

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Pillars of our Value System

  • We will always be responsive to our customers and proactive in communicating with them
  • We seek customer satisfaction with a combination of technology, product, service, and relationships.
  • We value our employees and nurture talent, while rewarding achievements.
  • We view excellence not as something to be achieved, but as something to be sustained.

TRINITY is committed to research and development to ensure that our products keep up with the ongoing advancements in metering technology.


Our promise...

  • Continued focus on sustaining our customer centricity
  • Accurate and cost effective products with multiple communication technologies.
  • Wide range of feature rich products that are easy to use.


It is our belief that when empowered people work in a technology rich environment with an innate ability to innovate, the results will be game changing products. Our R&D team seeks and recruits the very best in talent and capabilities.

Moving from good to better to best

Our R&D team works with twin mandates to enhance the quality and capabilities of existing products and bring new products to market. We have the technical knowledge and project management capabilities to create, plan, and implement feasible energy efficiency solutions for domestic and industrial applications.

Enhancing our capabilities with latest instrumentation

Trinity Hardware and Software engineers ensure that our products are designed to exacting specifications using the latest available platforms. We have recently procured an MTE source - Model PRS 400.3 with a basic accuracy of 0.02%. Trinity's latest Test Bench, is capable of calibrating revenue meters as per the relevant test points as specified in the IS13779 and IS14697, for meters of class 1.0s to class 0.2s.

With addition of this source, we now have the capability to calibrate and test meters for import/export in all four quadrants, meters with accuracy class 0.2 and also meters, which operate at 60.00 Hz, instead of 50.00 Hz.

"At TESPL, Quality is a way of life and Customer Satisfaction is our number-one priority. Employees at all levels participate in a company-wide endeavor to continuously enhance both Quality and Customer Satisfaction.

Our culture maintains quality in all aspects of the company's operations, with things being done right first time & every time, and defects and wastes eradicated from operations."


Our sophisticated lab enables us to perform almost all the testing required for validation in house. This includes MTE PRS 400.3 & ZERA TPZ 308 from Germany, which we use for calibration & testing of our products.

Our meter test and validation department regularly performs third party testing, validation, type testing, marking and certification applicable as per IS/IEC on all new and existing products at NABL certified labs like ERDA and CPRI also to ensure that they meet the requirements of approval.