Case Study

Case Study Of Laxmi Electro Appliances Pvt. Ltd

“A Case study on Improvement of Power Factor by Reactive Power Compensation.”

TRINITY Energy Management Systems

How TRINITY help to monitor and reduce WINGSAUTOMOBILE’S Energy Consumption and costing them to pay the Extra amount in their Electricity Bills?

RTPFC - Faridabad

RTPFC installation at one of our Customer's at Faridabad, Haryana

LLPFC - Delhi

Deduction in bills post installation of Trinity's LLPFC

RTPFC - Jaipur

Electricity consumption bills cut down post installation of Trinity's RTPFC

RTPFC - Guru Agro Industries

Case Study for RTPFC for Agro Industries.

Udyog Shakti Gurugram

Udyog Shakti Gurugram Case Study for RTPFC Panel

BB Embroideries

Case Study for RTPFC Panel - BB Embroideries