Understanding the Sources of Power-Quality Disturbances

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Poor power quality can cause countless problems in industrial facilities. While a facility owner’s first feeling might be to blame their electric utility for such problems. It’s usually accepted that up to 80% of power disturbances originate within the equipment is its a fault, rather than from utility-supplied electricity.

Industrial facilities are particularly disposed to power-quality difficulties because of the complexity and density of electrical equipment involved in their daily operations. This post will identify how various types of equipment can contribute to facility-wide disturbances. I’ll also cover a couple of options that can help engineers troubleshoot and correct these issues.

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Improper wiring, defective equipment and installation or operation errors, etc. However, there are also specific devices common to industrial plants that can reason of power quality problems. Following are some examples of how these devices can cause problems.

Equipment at Industrial IndustryPower Quality Disturbances
Electric MotorsY
Variable Speed DrivesY
Other Office EquipmentY

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