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Important Update On Leading PF Penalty ,Circular - State - Maharashtra
20-11-2018  Important Update On Leading PF Penalty ,Circular - State - Maharashtra


A kind request to go through the following link with regard to the MSEDCL circular on revised tariff structure wrt PF in Maharashtra

As India pursues its inclusive growth agenda and taps into different energy sources, it faces the challenge of savings through efficient distribution and control of electricity.

In this regards, we would like to draw your attention to MSEDCL’s revised tariff norms from 1st September 2018.

The key points to note are:  

·         Lead PF will be considered as lead                

·         Lead PF will be penalized

·         Incentives for PF between 0.96 lag to 1        

·         Penalties for PF below 0.89 [lag or lead]

What has changed?

Earlier, Lead PF was considered as unity which meant you were not penalized for lead PF. Now, Lead PF will be considered as Lead and attract penalties.

 Why the change?

Since Lead PF was considered as unity, consumers added higher rating of fixed capacitors to maintain lead PF.

This resulted into MSEDCL facing problems of higher voltage in distribution network and harmonics due to capacitive circuit.

Moreover, higher rating of capacitors installed are capital as well as revenue monetary loss to you and also can compromise safety.

If you were running your plant at a leading PF by using fixed capacitor banks and manual PF control, this won’t work anymore

To avoid penalties and ensuring maximum benefit, you need to take corrective action immediately