Implementation of wireless data logger to monitor energy in industries

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Energy is a scarce commodity. The gap between the supply and the demand of the electrical energy keeps on widening for developing countries. The cost of generating and transmitting the electrical energy increases rapidly due to depleting resources. This leads to the development of energy management system to reduce the consumption or optimal usage of energy in domestic and industries. Energy monitoring is one of the energy management techniques by which optimal usage of energy reducing the wastage can be ensured.

The paper proposes a methodology to monitor electrical energy parameters such as energy, active power, reactive power, voltage, current, power factor and frequency of the machines in a industry through microcontroller based wireless data logger utilising RF technology.. Energy consumption of the machines in industries may increase or decrease depending upon the load condition. Hence, energy monitoring of such machines is necessary. Energy information about the machines is sent wirelessly and real time monitoring of the data of all the machines of the industry in personal computer is accomplished to check for any abnormality. The energy information about the machines are also stored in the data logger for every say, 5 seconds with date and time for later analysis. The method offers simple construction, reliable operation and low cost

The unit measures the three phase voltages, currents, frequency, power factors, individual Harmonic data as Histogram including Total Harmonic Distortion as well as individual current and voltage waveforms for all three phases. Based on these inputs, the system KVA, KW and KWh can also be calculated.

For the correct operation of the unit, the only basic care required is to ensure that the phase sequence of the three phases is R-Y-B and the polarity of the CT secondary is correct.

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