Goblin Plus

The digital power meter GOBLIN PLUS is a micro-controller based unit which not only measures a host of electrical parameters to display them on a 480 x 272 (RGB) smart TFT display (Touch), but also acts as a comprehensive load managing device due to its four numbers of output relay contacts. These outputs are individually field programmable for both the parameter on which to generate alarm as well as the values on which to activate alarm and deactivate it. In addition to this flexibility in terms of load management, the meter also has RS485 port. RS485 supports MODBUS RTU protocol for connections to EMS/SCADA.

The meter has four LEDs in the front, two to calibrate energies, one to indicate the status of RS485 communication and one to indicate DG Status.

GOBLIN PLUS is a versatile meter, with all the features needed to implement a robust electrical load management system. It can be configured to suit most control and communication needs.



  • 480 x 272 (RGB) smart colour TFT display (Touch)
  • Accuracy Class 0.5 (as per IS14697)
  • Four Relay contacts, individually field programmable for alarm parameter
  • RS485 MODBUS-RTU Connectivity
  • On board 16 MB of non-volatile memory for data logging design.
  • Phase Wise Distortion and Displacement PF
  • Demand Measurement: Fixed or Sliding for KW, KVA, KVAR and IAVG
  • Individual Harmonics up to 30th for voltage and current with THD
  • Measures Neutral current
  • Interruption Date and Time for 180 Events
  • Sag and Swell Value, Date and Time for 180 Events
  • Min – Max Data with Date and Time
  • USB port for downloading data (Device Mode). Directly accepts pen-drive to transfer 
    logged data (Host mode)