Xpert Plus

Trinity introduces the XPERT-PLUS, an easy-to-use, accurate and very versatile electrical power meter with innovative features, which is ideal for remote monitoring of electrical installations, Energy accounting and management, Demand Control, tenant billing and Power quality analysis.

The meter has three LEDs in the front, one to calibrate energies, one to indicate the status of RS485 communication and one to indicate load on DG.


  • Class 0.5s accuracy for Active energy as per the IS14697.
  • Graphical Display 128x64.
  • Compact 96 X 96 DIN Enclosure.
  • Computed Neutral Current.
  • Measurement of all three types of Power Factors – True, Displacement and Distortion.
  • Harmonic measurement: All six waveforms up to 30th order, even and odd, including THD
  • Histogram and Tabular display of Harmonic content.
  • Wave shape display for all voltage and currents.
  • Two Relays-individually programmable for Alarm/Trip.


  • On board Ethernet Port supporting TCP/IP protocol and e-mail functionality
  • Event logging of Sags, Swells and Interruptions as per IEC 61000-4-30.
  • Demand Measurement: Fixed or Sliding for KW, KVA, KVAR and Avg.Amps.
  • RUN Hour (For EB and DG) and ON Hour measurement.
  • Energy Pulse Output LED on the front – selectable for Real/Apparent/Reactive Energy.
  • 3P4W, 3P3W and 1P2W connections.
  • User selectable CT and PT Ratios. 5A or 1A operation, ?eld selectable.