Hybrid Power Factor Correction Panel

IGBT based intelligent  Hybrid PFC (HyPFC) is a direct replacement of the traditional APFC and thyristorized RTPFC with the advantages of active technology. Like an APFC, the primary function of the  Hybrid PFC is reactive compensation.

However, the correction is completely step-less, instantaneous, and precise. Moreover, it can help clients realize significant fuel savings on DG operation. Furthermore, 's unique priority setting feature allows you to get the maximum out of the installed filter capacity by using any spare capacity for harmonic compensation, load balancing, and neutral compensation.



  • Fast 32 bit digital signal processor
  • Synchronous Rotating Frame Principal for best performance
  • Ultra fast compensation
  • Proven performance on welding
  • Selective Harmonic compensation
  • Step-less Reactive Power Compensation
  • Negative Sequence Compensation (load balancing)
  • Zero Sequence Compensation (neutral compensation)
  • 15 possible Priority Selection settings for maximum flexibility
  • Smart auto foldback to avoid over loading of filter
  • 7" touch screen display
  • Ethernet based remote monitoring
  • Internal CAN Communication
  • Closed Loop & Open Loop operation
  • Operator Activity Log
  • > 1,00,000 time stamped events can be logged in internal NAND memory


  • Performance of Active with cost effectiveness of passive
  • Compliance with prescribed harmonic limits - No penalty
  • Unity Power Factor - higher savings
  • Reduced energy (kVAh) charges - higher savings
  • Reduced peak demand charges - higher savings
  • Reduced fuel consumption in generators - higher savings
  • Ultra fast compensation - effective with fast fluctuating load
  • Proven performance on welding
  • Optimum capacity utilization of electrical infrastructure
  • Optimum capacity utilization of backup generators
  • Improved voltage profile
  • Reduced risk of transformer failure - higher uptime
  • Reduced risk of equipment failure - higher uptime
  • Increased operational reliability - higher uptime
  • Compact footprint
  • Indigenous design, low maintenance and prompt service