The digital power meter VAR-Z16 is a micro-controller based unit which not only measures a host of electrical parameters to display them on a 128 X 64 graphical backlit LCD, but also acts as a comprehensive power factor controlling device due to its sixteen numbers of output relay contacts. There are two alarm relays. These two alarm outputs are individually field programmable to generate alarm as well as the values on which to activate alarm. In addition to this flexibility in terms of power factor controlling, the meter also has one serial port: RS485, supports MODBUS RTU protocol for connections to EMS/SCADA.

The unit is meant for use in three phase four wire systems. The installation type, CT ratios are site selectable.

VAR-Z16 is a versatile meter with a robust electrical load measurement system and consists of all the features needed to implement. It can be configured to suit most control and communication needs.


  • Accuracy Class 1.0 (as per IS14697)
  • Displays more than 20 Parameters
  • Sixteen Relay contacts for Power Factor Controlling & Two relay for alarm
  • RS485 MODBUS-RTU Connectivity
  • Large 128 X 64 Backlit LC Display
  • CT Ratios field programmable
  • External Bank may be either Single Phase or Mono Phase or Three Phase
  • External Bank sensing without CT as well as provision to enter bank size manually
  • Odd Harmonic Analysis up to 15th for all voltages and currents, including THD.


Type Name Statistics
Input Supply Three Phases and Neutral of a 3P4W system
Voltage Direct Voltage Input : Up to 500V L-L, Up to 300V L-N
Burden : 0.5VA
Current Secondary Current Input: 5A or 1A (Site Selectable)
CT Ratio : Site Selectable
Range of Reading : 5 – 5000A
Burden : < 1.0VA
Overload : 5A CT = 6A RMS Continuous
1A CT = 1.2A RMS Continuous
PowerSupply Auxiliary Supply: 90 - 470 VAC, 50-60 Hz drawn from 3 phase connection done for measurement.
Output Relay 16 Relays contact with Common for PF Controlling.
2 Relays contact with Common for ALARM Indication.
Switching Voltage : Max. 230 VAC
Switching Power : Max. 1000W
Expected Mechanical Life : >10X106 switching operations
Expected Electrical Life : > 4X106 switching operations @ (Load = 200VA. Cosj = 0.5)
MEASUREMENT True RMSBasicParameters Voltage(Volts L-N & L-L) VL-N Accuracy : 0.5% of Reading
VL-L Accuracy : 1.0% of Reading
Current(Amps IR, IY, IB) Accuracy : 0.25% of Reading
Line Frequency 45 to 55 Hz, Accuracy : 0.3% of Reading
Power Active Power (P) Accuracy : 1% of Reading(For IPFI>0.5)
Reactive Power (Q) Accuracy : 1.5% of Reading(Between 0.5 Lag to 0.8 Lead)
Power Factor For Individual phases and System.
Accuracy : 1.0% of Reading (IPFI ≥0.5)
Range of Reading : 0.05 to 1.00 Lag/Lead
Energy Phase wise Active Energy (KWh) Range of Reading : 0 to 999999999.9 KWh
Accuracy : Class 0.5 as per IS14697
Phase wise Reactive Energy (KVARh – LAG & LEAD) Range of Reading : 0 to 999999999.9 KVARh
Accuracy : Class 1.0
PowerQuality 3rd to 15th Harmonics(Odd) for all Voltages with THD
3rd to 15th Harmonics(Odd) for all Currents with THD
MISC. Dimensions Bezel 144 X 144 mm
Panel Cutout 138 X 138 mm
Depth of installation 55 mm
Display 128 X 64 graphical Backlit LCD
Operating temp 10°C to 50°C
Weight 0.60 Kgs (Approx.)
Operating Current Range 0.4% to 120% of CT primary
RS485 Modbus-RTU protocol